3 Top Tips to Start Lead Nurturing

by Nicola Hodd - August 31, 2017
3 Top Tips to Start Lead Nurturing

We spend much of our valuable time, money and resources acquiring new leads – whether that’s attending events, creating content or running paid advertising campaigns. But do we do enough to convert these leads into paying customers? We shouldn’t let that hard work go to waste. Once they’ve come into the top of the funnel, we need to move the prospects down the pipeline as quickly and efficiently as possible.

But what does this actually mean? It means we need to know a lot about our potential customers and what makes them tick. What were they searching for when they found you? What problem were they looking to solve? And can your content and proposition resolve that for them? As a starting point talk to your sales team, who will no doubt have a good idea of what customers need and want. Then look at your metrics – which pages, content or products resonate with which segments of your target audience? Use that to build automated follow-ups using content you already have.

And don’t leave it there. Review your lead nurturing programs on a regular basis and learn more about what, when and how to communicate with potential customers at the right time, with the right messaging to ensure they take action.

These Top Tips for Lead Nurturing will help you start pushing those cold leads through to your sales-ready pipeline!


Take time to find the perfect balance between automated and manual communication. If you have a very hot lead where the stakes are high, and they’re expecting to hear from you quickly with specific information, personalized follow-up is best.

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