Pardot News For You Who Creates Marketing Assets

What’s new for you who creates Marketing assets in Pardot after the Summer ’18 release? Some of us are thinking finally! It was about time Pardot improves some of the key areas marketers use on a regular basis. We have tested and found the benefits of these features, which we will share with you in this article.

What’s new in Email editing?

One of the main thing that almost all of us does in Pardot is creating and sending emails. We are therefore excited that Pardot has introduced the Preview Email As feature. Not only it helps us to save time with testing, but also enables to streamline personalisation in our email sending, which is shown to be one of the most successful strategies for increasing emails performance stats. You can use and test variable tags and dynamic content in order to personalise your emails based on what you know about your prospect. The image below shows you an email draft in the Editor Tab with a variable tag and dynamic content.

So, instead of testing if your personalisation techniques work correctly by sending proofs to different users, you can now go to the Preview Tab and select directly the prospects that you want to preview the email for.

This feature can be used for creating emails and email templates as well. But always remember to check if everyone on your send list is populated with the criteria your variable tag and dynamic content are based on, and make sure they have a general value as a default option. You can for instance set up a field so that the %%first_name%% variable tag appears as “Colleague” if the prospects on your list does not have their first name populated. See below the navigation and settings you need to enable in the image below to create a default value for your variable tags. For the dynamic content, you’d need to define the default value up when creating your dynamic content.


Emojis across Pardot

To increase your email performance even further, Pardot has introduced Emojis in Email. Plenty of statistics has shown that Emojis in subject lines actually increase the open rate, so if you are looking for a new way of increasing your next emails open rate, try this…

Navigate to the Advanced Subject Composer above where you write in the Subject Line:

Click on the Emoji next to the subject line, choose your Emojis and press Save:

Emojis are also available when posting from Pardot to your Social Media accounts.

Using Emojis when posting on different social media platforms is something we take for granted. It has been available almost always, helping our posts to come alive and be more engaging for our followers. It is therefore an expected new feature that Pardot implemented in our Social posting options.


Layout Templates for All Devices

Lastly but not least, Pardot has finally introduced Responsive Layout Templates. If you are currently redesigning your landing pages but haven’t tried these yet, we would recommend to take a look now. Research says users now browse around online more regularly on their mobile phone, it is therefore very important to make sure that your landing pages are responsive to small media devices as well as desktop. By using existing and tested responsive templates, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and keep your focus on aligning the template styling with your branding.

So, how do you import these responsive templates?
Navigate to Marketing -> Landing Page -> Layout Templates -> + Add Layout Template -> Import Layout:

Before choosing the most suitable template, it might be worth Previewing the template to make sure it fits with what you are looking for:

A good thing to be remember before applying these templates is that may need to make some adjustments to the code, which would require a good level of knowledge of HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript, depending on how much the template needs to be edit. Also, be aware that these 5 prebuilt templates have a Bootstrap link included which might affect your efforts in styling the template. To make sure that your coding is working correctly before publishing your template, click on ‘Preview Changes’ in the right bottom.


Hope you’re all caught up now, and you are as excited about these features as we are! If you’d like to be up to date with the latest feature releases in Pardot, join our mailing list and read our monthly Insights newsletter.