Our guide to the best Pardot email templates

Pardot have many pre-coded email templates that you can use and edit for your emails. We’ve picked out some of our favourites and suggested the type of email communications you can use them for.

Responsive 3 column

We think this one works well for an on-boarding or welcome email when leads or customers first grant you permission to contact them. The three sections enable you to introduce your brand, products, services or tools that are available for them to use.


Multi-Column: Variant 6

This template is ideal for a regular email newsletter or product showcase. The multiple sections enable you to edit different news stories or products that you want to highlight.


Responsive image Basic

This one is ideal for event or webinar invites, promotions or content-led emails. The larger image lends itself well to a promotional message to encourage registration or download.


Simple: Basic

This design is ideal for branded sales rep templates. It enables you to lock down corporate logos, styling and layout for consistent branding across all your sales reps’ communications whilst they’re able to customise the text to personalise the message for each contact.


Happy with your template? Before you send your first email, take a look at our next blog post, Sending your first email – Checklist.

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