Email Campaigns Best Practice

Pardot is a great tool for sending out your email campaigns. It provides you with mobile-friendly templates, options to personalise your emails and ways to automate follow-up actions depending on your audience’s engagement.

As part of our email best practice series, we’ll get you started with your first email campaign, ensuring it gets through to the recipient’s inbox, looks great and is delivering results for your business.

Get your emails delivered
Read our top tips for getting your emails past the spam filters and into your prospect’s inbox. We’ll take you through best practice, avoiding spam filters and creating your first mailing lists. Read more here >

Create your email templates
Find out how to design your own email templates with no HTML coding knowledge required. We’ll show you the different options for personalisation and testing your email before you’re ready to send. Read more here >

Our guide to the best Pardot email templates
We take a look at some of the best Pardot email templates and what you can typically use each one for. Read more here >

Sending your first Pardot email – Checklist
Make sure you have everything ticked off before you hit send on that first email campaign! Read more here >

Get the most out of your email campaigns
Learn how to optimise and test your email campaigns to get the very best performance. Read more here >

We hope you find this blog series helpful and that you’re now ready to send and optimise your email campaigns in Pardot. If you need any help getting started with any of these features, feel free to get in touch.

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Get Your Emails Delivered

You want your prospects to read your emails, that’s why you send them in the first place right? But the first step is ensuring it reaches their inbox by protecting your sending reputation and getting them through spam filters. Here are our top tips for doing just that.

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Create your email templates

Pardot offers you great functionality to easily create mobile-friendly templates with several design options that you can tailor to your specific needs. Follow these easy steps to create your first email template:

  1. Choose your template
    Whether you need a simple thank you email, a weekly newsletter with several articles or a content-led email within a drip program, choose the template that best suits the information you want to send.
  2. Edit your content
    Start editing your content by clicking on the sections of the email you want to amend. It will be brought up into the editor where you can add text, upload images, add hyperlinks and more.
  3. Change the layout
    Pardot makes it easy to add or remove sections and move them up or down within the template so you can customise the template to suit exactly what you need.
  4. Sync your text version
    Go to the text tab and ‘Sync From HTML’ to create a text version of your email.

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The Differences Between Pardot Campaigns and Salesforce Campaigns

One topic that repeatedly causes confusion and frustration when using Pardot with Salesforce is the topic of Campaigns. The two main questions that tend to come up around Campaigns are:

  • Are Pardot and Salesforce Campaigns the same thing?
  • Should Campaign success be reported from Salesforce or Pardot?

In this post, I’ll attempt to untangle the differences between the two and explain what each one is useful for.

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MyTopTakeaways from Dreamforce 2017

Mid-November saw 170,000 Salesforce fans descend on San Francisco for the world’s largest tech conference – all eager to get a first look into the new features being planned for Salesforce over the coming months. Here we round up some of the biggest announcements.

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How to Achieve Marketing & Sales Alignment with Pardot

So you’re up and running with Pardot, what’s next? Mastering it from a marketing point of view is one thing, but taking your marketing automation strategy to the next level means working more closely with your sales team. Ensure you reap the full benefits of Pardot by creating automations and communications that are aligned with your sales process:
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Automation, Automation, Automation

Marketing Automation can indeed save you time and money in the long-run, but it requires some thinking time upfront to build an effective strategy and streamlined processes. With so many rich features in Pardot, it can be hard to work out which of the tools to use to achieve your business goals. Our handy guide below should help you to work out what each one does and what to use them for: Continue reading…